Dream Team Payroll Outsourcing Service Co., Ltd.  focuses on developing the organization of customers to respond the needs of the customers  operating efficiently by recruiting employees according to the qualifications that customers want to send to customers for consideration. in the customer’s organization, by which we will manage all customers according to customer requirements, such as

  • Orientation training before starting work อบรมปฐมนิเทศก่อนเริ่มงาน
  • Monthly wage payment
  • Welfare as specified by the customer or determined by the service provider
  • Tax and Social Security monthly and annual, etc

directly to employees. There will be no additional charges to the customer without having to worry about the cost increase or any obligation after the completion of the contract period. However, the customer can set the employment period. Minimum of 3 months or more, and customers can still set the salary according to the structure of the customer’s organization is appropriate, but not lower than the law.

We provide the complete service or only part of the job as follows:

The additional services that you could get it. บริการเสริมที่คุฯจะได้รับเพิ่มเติม

The system records the time in and out of the Outsource employees, which allows customers to monitor the work of all employees in real time via the mobile application or the PC, allowing customers to check anytime, anywhere without collecting surcharge. The system is reliable and modern to use.

  • The time attendant system supports multiple time stamps. You can choose the function as the customer wants.
  • The Mobile e-leave, A leave record system, is via mobile phone when leaving employees outsourced. Customers can know right away because it is in real time without having to wait for the administrator to notify.
  • The record requests for overtime (Overtime) The system records requests for overtime work. You can check how many hours the Outsource employees work overtime today.


Some of the locations that we serve

Some of the positions that we recruit temporary and contract employees.

Note: The position that is recruited, the information mentioned above is just a preliminary information, there are many positions that we recruit, but are not mentioned or are specific positions, can be recruited according to the customer’s requirements. You can ask for more information with the staff.

The advantage of hiring Outsource

Some organizations may not need to hire the permanent employees because they sometimes need employees to help work temporarily. or substitute for employees, maternity leave, etc. Sometimes it may be during the work that has a particularly high volume of work in each phase and short-term projects. As a result, some organizations may not need full-time employees who are costly in the long run or other cases as follows:


Restricting the number of employees of the organization


Running the business with seasonal employment fluctuations


Problems in the implementation of employment law, etc


What are the positions that are not being recruited?


What are the positions that are not being recruited?

The position that we do not accept will be a housewife security guard because there will be a company specializing in housewife security. There will be 2 positions that accept no recruitment at all.

What about the service charge?

Our service fee will be 25% of the employee’s salary. For example, the salary of employees 15,000, we will multiply the salary by 25% and it will come out as a service fee of 3,750 baht. The service fee will be reduced if the customer gives us a way to find more people.

If you want to use the service, is there a minimum number of people you need to recruit?

Only 1 person can use the service without the minimum limit, but if it’s a large amount, you’ll get a special price. You can ask for more details with the staff.